‘Save Transit’ Coalition to Inform Region of SEPTA’s Financial Plight

PHILADELPHIA – A region-wide coalition of major business, civic, labor and community organizations has been convened to inform the public and state government of the financial plight of SEPTA, which is facing a $70-million budget crisis.

Approximately 50 leaders of region-wide businesses and organizations gathered for the first time today at the offices of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

"Public transportation services provided by SEPTA affect everyone in the five-county region, whether they are regular commuters or not," said Pasquale T. Deon, Sr., SEPTA Board Chairman. "Without long-term, predictable funding, SEPTA service will be in jeopardy. This, in turn, would jeopardize the economy of the region."

SEPTA will be conducting public hearings during May in Philadelphia and each of the four suburban counties. The Save Transit Coalition will be encouraging their constituents to attend the hearings and testify in favor of stable public transit funding.

"We are asking all stakeholders in SEPTA to step up and speak out in favor of the financial stability for public transit," said SEPTA General Manager Faye Moore.

SEPTA is one of 70 transit agencies throughout Pennsylvania.

— PRNewswire