Ridership on SEPTA Regional Rail Lines Continues Steady Climb

PHILADELPHIA – As gasoline prices continue to hover in the $3 per gallon range, thousands of commuters in the Philadelphia region have turned to SEPTA’s regional rail system.

During the fiscal year that ended June 30, daily weekday ridership on SEPTA regional rail routes is up by about 6 percent compared to 2005 fiscal year with ridership averaging 107,000 daily weekday trips.

The ridership increase ranges across the regional rail system that operates throughout the five counties in Pennsylvania that comprise the SEPTA system as well as Trenton, N.J., and Delaware. The largest increases occurred on the R1 Airport line, which recorded a 21 percent increase, R3 Media-Elwyn with a 12 percent increase, R8 Fox Chase up 11 percent and R2 Warminster with a 10 percent increase in daily riders.

Because of consistent ridership gains SEPTA has purchased 104 new Silverliner V railroad cars with delivery expected to begin in about two years. In the interim, however, SEPTA continues to closely monitor ridership and alter regional rail schedules to effectively serve the highest number of passengers.

To meet changes in passenger travel patterns and increases in ridership, SEPTA regional rail schedules will change on Sunday (Aug. 6).

The new timetables are available now at Market-East, Suburban and 30th Street Stations and SEPTA sales offices. For schedule information riders should call (215) 580-7800. Schedule information is also available on the SEPTA web site at http://www.septa.org/.

– PRNewswire