GE – Transportation Entering UK Market

ERIE, Pa. — UK-based Freightliner Group Ltd. has placed the largest order in its history, according to GE – Transportation, which received an order for 30 freight locomotives.

GE – Transportation, a unit of General Electric Co., is developing a new freight locomotive in partnership with Freightliner Group as part of a collaborative effort called “Project Genesis.” Starting in mid 2009, Freightliner will use the most advanced locomotive product in the industry while GE – Transportation will enter the UK rail freight market for the first time, officials said.

GE – Transportation’s JS37ACi offers many new features, including AC traction technology and dynamic braking, officials said. Also, the locomotives allow Freightliner to increase its hauling capacity while lowering fuel consumption by an estimated 10 percent compared to the current locos in its fleet.

“Not only will we improve our carbon footprint, but will be able to move more payload per train than ever before,” said Eddie Fitzsimons, Chief Executive Officer of Freightliner Group Ltd. “We have been in discussions with GE over recent months to develop what will be the epitome of 21st century locos on the UK network, bringing revolutionary technology the to rail freight market.”

The 129-ton diesel locomotives generate more horsepower and tractive effort while lowering fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions than locomotives currently in use. In addition, the JS37ACi locomotive provides improved driver comfort.

— Business Wire