Amtrak Says Farewell to Express Mail

WASHINGTON – Amtrak will discontinue shipping mail for the U.S. Postal Service, saying the decision will improve passenger service.

“Mail and express no longer makes business sense for Amtrak and has negatively impacted the quality of our passenger service, so the decision has been made to exit the business,” Amtrak President & CEO David L. Gunn said in a message to employees. “It is my intention to have all mail and express activity concluded by early October.”

In addition to a notification given last week to the Postmaster General, Amtrak is advising officials in Florida, Ohio and Indiana that a limited number of stations will no longer be served by passenger trains as a result of the railroad’s withdrawal from mail and express hauling.

Amtrak has also been in communication with labor unions that represent Amtrak employees affected by the decision.

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