NTSB to Consider Two Final Accident Reports

WASHINGTON – The National Transportation Safety Board will hold a public board meeting Oct. 17 to consider final accident reports about a pair of crashes.

The first case involves an Oct. 15, 2005, collision near Texarkana, Ark.

In that wreck, a westbound Union Pacific Railroad train collided with the rear of a standing UP train in a rail yard. The collision resulted in the puncture of a railroad tank car containing propylene, a flammable gas.

An unknown ignition source ignited the migrating gas, exploding a house and killing the person inside.

Approximately 3,000 residents within a 1-mile radius of the accident were advised to evacuate.

The second case involves an April 3, 2005, derailment near Home Valley, Wash.

In that crash, a westbound Amtrak train derailed on the north side of the Columbia River. Of the 115 people aboard, 30 people sustained minor injuries.

– Special to Railfanning.org News Wire