BNSF Enhances Citizens for Rail Security Program With Videos and Expanded Website

FORT WORTH, Texas — Railroads transport much of the food, building materials, coal for electricity and consumer products that are utilized each day, and breaches in railroad security can threaten the national, state and local economies. As part of heightened security awareness, Americans are being asked to be the eyes and ears for law enforcement officers.

To help improve security, BNSF Railway Company has expanded its Citizens for Rail Security program by launching two videos aimed at community groups and law enforcement agencies. The videos illustrate how effective these groups can be in the fight against terrorism and vandalism to protect global commerce.

These videos will help citizens and law enforcement officers become more educated on what to report and to whom.

Citizens and officers should be on the lookout for:

  • Trespassers
  • Suspicious packages or other articles left on or near railroad property
  • Unusual conduct in neighborhoods near or around railroad tracks and yards
  • Crimes in progress such as theft
  • Threats or hostile language against railroads

One video is aimed at communities and residents who can help secure America’s rail network by knowing what to report and how best to describe the location or scene. The other video, aimed at law enforcement agencies, educates officials on railroad safety, who to call to report something or someone suspicious and basic railroad operations and terminology.

To learn more about helping to improve security, go to the Citizens for Rail Security website at

— Special to News Wire