BART to Use $5.4 Million in Funding for Security Cameras

SAN FRANCISCO — BART will soon be buying millions of dollars in new security cameras for its stations, thanks to $5.4 million in funding from a voter-approved bond measure, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office announced.

The $5.4 million is the first installment from the $19.9 billion Proposition 1B bond measure, which voters approved last year in November.

“From day one, the Governor has pledged that public safety is priority number one,” said Matthew Bettenhausen, the Governor’s Director of the Office of Homeland Security. “It’s why he added security funds into the bond measure in the first place. This is the first installment of a billion dollar payment to transit security in the state. I’m proud to deliver these funds to BART and it shows the Governor and we at OHS are moving quickly to put the money to good use.”

“We are truly grateful for the Governor’s support of Proposition 1B, which sets aside $ 1 billion of the $19.9 billion solely for security enhancements,” BART Board of Directors President Lynette Sweet said last month.

“For security reasons we cannot tell you how many cameras we’ll be purchasing, or exactly where we’ll be installing them, but rest assured the money will go a very long way in making our riders even safer than they are today,” Sweet said.

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