CTA Approves Contract to Replace Rail Ties

CHICAGO — The Chicago Transit Board this month approved a $26.6 million contract to replace deteriorating timber rail ties with concrete ties in the Red Line subway.

The contract approved today will eliminate 2.5 miles of slow zones in both directions in the subway from Clark/Division to just north of North/Clybourn and just under a mile between Lake and Roosevelt.

This is in addition to work currently underway to install concrete rail ties in the Red Line from Grand to Clark/Division. Trains are expected to return to normal speeds by the end of the month along that section of track.

“Slow zones are a major source of frustration to customers so we deem these repairs critical to improving trips for Red and Blue Line riders,” said CTA President Ron Huberman. “As work is completed speed restrictions are incrementally lifted along sections of track. The noticeable improvement in service makes this a worthwhile investment of the limited funds available.”

The project is funded through FTA and RTA grants not available for operations.

— Special to Railfanning.org