‘Father of Streamlining’ Born Today in 1893

WASHINGTON — Today marks the birthday in 1893 of a man who literally changed the look of the 20th century. Raymond Loewy was known as “the father of streamlining.”

His designs are part of American life, from the familiar Coca-Cola bottle to the paint scheme on Air Force One and the interior of the space shuttle. He designed the first streamlined railroad train and post-war Studebakers, the first cars in which fenders were an integral part of the body. Loewy’s philosophy was that between two products of equal quality, the best designed one will sell better.

Today, styling is a key element in drawing customers to the 21,500 new car dealers in the U.S. — and in selling nearly $700 billion worth of new cars and trucks annually.

— PRNewswire-USNewswire