Rosenker Stresses the Need for Sleep During Sleep Awareness Week

WASHINGTON — National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Mark V. Rosenker said the occasion of National Sleep Awareness Week (March 3-9) should remind operators of vehicles in all modes of transportation about the inherent dangers of fatigue.

“The Safety Board is very concerned about reducing accidents and incidents caused by human fatigue,” Rosenker said. “We have seen numerous accidents where human fatigue was the probable cause or a contributing factor.”

Fatigue has been on the Board’s Most Wanted List of safety improvements since the list’s inception in 1990.

Throughout its 41-year history, the NTSB has seen the issue of fatigue reoccur in many of its accident investigations with fatal results. As a result, NTSB has studied operator fatigue and issued recommendations calling for improved scheduling regulations and practices, education for operators and employers concerning fatigue and sleep disorders, and research to better understand the risks associated with fatigue in transportation.

“Inadequate sleep puts the public at risk,” Rosenker said. “Improving the quantity and quality of our sleep can increase safety and save lives. It takes personal responsibility to ensure that you are well rested before embarking on a personal or professional trip,” he added.