Central California Traction Company Satisfied with Test of Ultra Low Emissions Locomotives from National Railway Equipment Co.

STOCKTON, Calif. — The Central California Traction Company (CCT) successfully performed an operational test at the Port of Stockton, Calif., and on its main line, the National Railway Equipment Co. (NREC) announced.

CCT tested an N-ViroMotive GenSet locomotive from NREC. The locomotive was a two-engine 1400 HP (2GS-14B) 4-axle unit that is EPA certified and CARB recognized as ultra-low emitting GenSet locomotive.

CCT’s objective in testing the new locomotive is fuel conservation, protecting the environment and operational efficiency which are vital to CCT’s cost effective operations in the Port of Stockton and Stockton to Lodi, Calif., officials said

“The CCT found that the locomotive’s adhesion was very impressive,” Dave Buccolo, CCT General Manager, said. “It consistently pulled very well, pulling the same tonnage as two of CCT’s SW 1500 units up a 2 percent grade. And when CCT analyzed the fuel consumption, there was a 61 percent fuel saving per 8 hour shift compared to one of CCT’s SW 1500s.”

Gen-Set locomotives will help the CCT and the Port of Stockton make reductions in emissions in the San Joaquin Valley and at the Port of Stockton. According to officials, the operational advantages the N-ViroMotive locomotives are dramatic:

  • 80 percent plus reduction in nitrous oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions
  • 50 percent to 65 percent plus improvement in tractive effort adhesion efficiency
  • Up to 60 percent fuel savings capability in switching and road switching service
  • Microprocessor-based electronic controls and modularized mechanical platforms significantly decrease maintenance requirements
  • Quiet operation that easily achieves the most stringent noise level requirements for off-road capital equipment

“Already proven in service, these efficient GenSet locomotives are years ahead of anticipated EPA emissions regulations for new switching locomotives,” Jim Wurtz, NREC’s vice president marketing and sales, said.

— Railfanning.org News Wire/Business Wire