Metro Tests Additional Eight-car Trains on the Blue, Orange and Red Lines Next Week

WASHINGTON — Washington’s Metro will test additional eight-car trains on the Blue, Orange and Red Lines and will stop all trains at the end of each station platform as a test of its ongoing power, system, track and rail car enhancements leading up to Inauguration Weekend.

On Jan. 5 and Jan. 6, Metro will operate additional eight-car trains during morning and afternoon peak periods on the Blue and Orange lines. During the off-peak periods, all trains on the Blue and Orange lines will operate with eight-cars.

On Jan. 7 and Jan. 8, Metro will repeat the same process on the Red Line, operating additional eight-car trains during the peak periods, and operating all eight-car trains during off-peak hours.

“As we prepare for Inauguration Weekend, we are testing our power supplies by operating 50 percent eight-car train service on the Blue, Orange and Red lines next week,” said Dave Kubicek, Metro’s Assistant General Manager for Metrorail. “We are asking Blue, Orange and Red line riders to pay special attention to train announcements, and to check the >next train= signs to see when an eight-car train is arriving at their station so they can move to the far ends of the platform to access all cars,” said Kubicek.

Last month, Metro tested additional eight-car trains on the Green and Yellow lines.