A Line Customers Grade Their Service a “C-Minus” in 2nd Annual Rider Report Card Survey Same Grade in 2007

NEW YORK –In MTA New York City Transit’s 2nd Annual Rider Report Card Survey, the A line again received an overall grade of “C-minus,” unchanged from 2007.

The customer satisfaction index of 85 percent was, however, slightly lower than 2007’s 87%. Customers sent in 5,839 Rider Report Cards by mail and 171 via the internet, totaling 6,010 responses, to gauge customer satisfaction on the line. Twenty-one separate service attributes were graded on the A line, the longest subway line in the system; it runs from Inwood-207th Street in Manhattan to Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue or Ozone Park-Lefferts Blvd.

The highest grade of “B-minus” was given to “Availability of MetroCard Vending Machines.” While “Signs in stations that help riders find their way” improved from a “C” to a “C-plus,” “Ease of use of subway turnstiles” dropped from a “B-minus” to a “C-plus.” The remaining 19 attributes received the same grades they received in 2007.

Customer satisfaction indicators showed that “Ease of use of subway turnstiles,” “Availability of MetroCard Vending Machines” and “Signs in stations that help riders find their way” earned at least 92 percent each. Also, station and train announcements that are easy to hear and informative improved by at least three percentage points.

Customers on the A line prioritized the top five improvements they would like to see on the line as follows: “Reasonable wait times for trains” was first (same as in 2007); “Adequate room on board at rush hour was second (3rd in 2007); “Minimal delays during trips was third (2nd in 2007); “Station announcements that are easy to hear” was fourth (same as in 2007); and “Cleanliness of stations” was fifth (also same as in 2007).

According to NYC Transit President Howard H. Roberts, Jr., “The A line is approximately 31 miles long, which in itself is a challenge. However, we are monitoring service on the line, with a goal of providing adequate service and minimizing delays during trips for our customers. “