New Haven Officer Named Amtrak Police Officer of the Year

NEW HAVEN, conn. – Police Officer Brian Cozzolino of New Haven, Conn. has been selected as the 2008 Amtrak Police Officer of the Year. Officer Cozzolino was chosen to receive this prestigious award in recognition of his numerous displays of exemplary performance in the performance of his duties.

“Officer Cozzolino was selected for his numerous and significant contributions to the department,” said John J. O’Connor, Amtrak Chief of Police. “In his short tenure, he has demonstrated incredibly effective law enforcement skills.”

Among the significant incidents exhibiting Officer Cozzolino’s abilities and dedication to duty and why he was chosen include: an investigation into the shattering of a train engine window resulting in identification and proper disposal of an inert grenade; assisting a distraught woman in fear for her life because of domestic sexual abuse and arranging for her to be taken to a shelter; locating and arresting a suspect who had allegedly threatened to kill his mother; and successfully convincing a man to not commit suicide by jumping in front of a train and then worked with local police to get the individual a psychiatric evaluation.

Officer Cozzolino began his career with the Amtrak Police Department in September of 2007 as a police officer in New Haven. He continues to serve in New Haven and will soon begin training as an explosive detection K-9 handler.