BNSF Selects Contractor to Build New Intermodal Facility

FORT WORTH — BNSF Railway Co. announced it has selected T.J. Lambrecht Construction and Walsh Construction as the primary civil contractor to construct its new intermodal facility southwest of Kansas City in Edgerton, Kan.

Also today the Kansas Department of Transportation announced that an agreement for a $35 million grant to BNSF from the state’s Rail Assistance Program has been finalized.

BNSF’s new 443-acre intermodal facility will build upon rail’s existing environmental advantages by setting a new standard for efficiency and low-emissions in the rail industry. The new intermodal facility will feature wide-span electric cranes that produce zero emissions on-site and automatic gate systems to speed up the movement of traffic entering and departing the facility, further improving efficiency and reducing emissions. The facility will also incorporate an approximate 60-acre conservation corridor for water quality benefits to the area.

“The Kansas City market has developed into one of the most important freight transportation hubs in the Midwest and the nation,” said Matthew K. Rose, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of BNSF. “BNSF’s new intermodal facility will help the region’s economy grow in a more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly way by expanding this market’s capacity to shift even more freight traffic from an all-highway move to rail.”

BNSF intends to begin construction planning before the end of 2010 and site preparation and facility construction are expected to commence in 2011.