Motiva and Norfolk Southern Announce Unit-Train Capability

HOUSTON — Motiva Enterprises and Norfolk Southern Corp. announced expansion of Motiva’s Doraville, Ga., operations to allow for the delivery of unit trains of fuel-grade ethanol to the Motiva refined products terminal rail yard.

Expansion of the operations enhances delivery of ethanol into the Atlanta marketplace.

“Motiva’s Doraville terminals have a combined 560,000 barrels of refined products storage strategically located to serve ethanol suppliers and consumers in Atlanta,” said Daniel Porras, regional manager of Motiva’s Southern Operations. The terminal serves ethanol producers in the U.S. with rail access. With the expansion completed, an entire unit train of 80 rail cars will be off-loaded and returned to the supplier intact.

“This is a major step in making the Motiva Doraville terminal the low-cost solution for ethanol distribution in the Atlanta metropolitan area,” said John Kraemer, NS group vice president. “Norfolk Southern is proud to partner with Motiva in this important supply chain improvement for the industry.”

Motiva’s Porras said, “Norfolk Southern provides consistent, efficient unit-train service from the Midwest producing origins, resulting in supply chain improvements into Doraville in support of the Atlanta ethanol market.  This improved delivery process will touch a significant portion of the millions of ethanol gallons delivered by Norfolk Southern into the Atlanta metropolitan area.”

“Motiva is committed to enhancing its position in ethanol logistics throughout the eastern and southern U.S. by installing reliable ethanol blending capabilities at all of our proprietary terminals and at ethanol rail hub facilities where practical,” added Dan Grinstead, Motiva general manager of supply. “In addition to this expanded capability at Doraville, Motiva currently operates ethanol hub facilities at our terminals in Sewaren, N.J.Providence, R.I.Convent, La.; and Port Everglades, Fla. Future ethanol hubs under development consider adding rail capability at Port Everglades, Fla., and Charlotte, N.C.