Railroad: Customers Locate on CSXT to Grow, Create Jobs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Leveraging the economic and environmental benefits of rail, customers committed to 130 new or expanded facilities on CSX Transportation (CSXT) lines in 2010, the company said. Upon completion, these projects will create as many as 5,200 new jobs.

The facilities are located in 18 states, and include markets such as energy, consumer goods and manufacturing. They represent more than$3.6 billion in customer investments, and ultimately will contribute $216 million in annual revenue to CSXT, said Clark Robertson, Assistant Vice President-Regional Development.

The facilities will be built on both CSXT lines and on some of the more than 240 short lines and regional railroads that connect to CSXT.

“CSXT is playing an important role in our nation’s economic recovery, providing the critical link to connect producers, distributors and consumers,” Robertson said. “Just as important, we’re helping to stimulate community investment and jobs.”

In addition, 98 customers who had committed to new or increased rail traffic in 2010 and prior years began moving goods and commodities that at full production will result in more than $168 million in revenue.

Trains are capable of moving a ton of freight nearly 500 miles on a gallon of fuel. That fuel efficiency, coupled with CSXT’s market reach that includes connections to more than 70 ocean, lake and river ports, is important to customers and economic development agencies as they look for sites for a variety of businesses.

CSXT offers pre-certified “super sites” to businesses seeking locations for expansions or startups, as well as track design and logistics expertise. The company’s TRANSFLO transload services offer a way for non-rail served shippers to connect to the North American rail network.