Amtrak and MTA Work Together to Make Improvements for Passengers

WASHINGTON – Amtrak and the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) have partnered with other Washington Union Station stakeholders to install a new LED train information board in the Main Hall of Washington Union Station.

The board is now in operation and marks the culmination of a two year, $1.9 million project to upgrade signage throughout the station. The project was funded by the Amtrak/MARC Joint Benefits Capital Program.

Passengers entering Union Station can once again obtain train departure and arrival information from the Main Hall of the station. The new board is 9’6” tall, 15’5” wide and 8” in depth, and replaces a twenty-year older version which ceased to operate in October of 2009.

The train information board and nearly 60 new electronic signs were installed throughout the station. The new signs were carefully developed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and demonstrate a continuing effort towards improved customer service.

Many of the features, including the viewing angles and character/ line attributes of the text, addition of train service logos and the height of the signs were all designed to better provide train status information.

Additional funding for the installation of the train information board was provided by the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation.