CSX CEO Cites Certainty, Balance, Investment and Education as Keys to American Competitiveness

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The chief executive of a leading transportation company in North America, CSX Corp.’s Michael J. Ward, said that America’s future competitiveness depends on balanced government fiscal and regulatory policies that minimize uncertainty for business.

Ward, who has led the company to increasingly higher levels of business performance through a wide range of economic conditions over the past eight years, provided several observations about public policy and the economy in his 2010 Annual Report letter to shareholders. These observations come just as Congress, numerous governors and state legislatures are increasingly focused on the role of government in helping the economic recovery.

As a company that is investing billions of dollars into the country’s rail infrastructure and hiring thousands of people, CSX is highly focused on American competitiveness, including the implications of government policy decisions on its customers, its industry and ultimately all consumers, Ward said. Consistent with that focus, Ward offered four keys to American competitiveness as excerpted below.