Amtrak Virginia to Norfolk to Start Dec. 12

RICHMOND, Va. – Amtrak Virginia’s Northeast Regional service extension to and from Norfolk will start Dec. 12, providing a same-seat trip from Norfolk to Washington, D.C., Baltimore, New York City and as far north as Boston.

Tickets are now available for purchase.

“The partnership between the Commonwealth and Amtrak to bring an Amtrak Virginia station to the city of Norfolk reflects my administration’s commitment to continue to make progress in improving our transportation networks for the state,” Gov. Bob McDonnell said.

“By providing the citizens of Virginia an alternative way to get to and from Southside Hampton Roads, it takes cars off the highways, helping ease congestion on already highly-traveled roads,” McDonnell said. “The new station provides a one-seat ride to Richmond, Washington, DC and major cities along the northeast corridor, offering an economical and environmentally-friendly way to travel.”