Bloomberg and Pataki: President’s Support of Tax Conversion Proposal Paves the Way for a Lower Manhattan-JFK Rail Link

August 12, 2004 News Wire 0

NEW YORK – President Bush’s approval of a request to redirect up to $2 billion in Liberty Zone tax benefits toward other key components of the rebuilding effort in Lower Manhattan likely paves the way for a rail link between Lower Manhattan JFK Airport, New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Gov. George E. Pataki say. “By improving regional access to Lower Manhattan, we can continue the area’s dramatic rebirth from the attacks of September 11th, and ensure its future as an economic engine for the entire City,” Bloomberg said. “This is just the latest example of how we

In Suspicion of Threat, Amtrak Train Stopped

August 1, 2004 Todd DeFeo 0

Authorities, responding to a suspicious note, stopped an Amtrak train in Newark, N.J., and searched with bomb-sniffing dogs before letting it resume. The train, bound for Newark, N.J., was stopped July 11, after a suspicious note was found aboard the train. The Associated Press quoted an anonymous source as saying the note contained “pro-Muslin, anti-Jewish rhetoric.” The train was stopped for about an hour and a half before it was allowed to resume, according to various published reports. Police searched the train with bombsniffing dogs and videoed passengers, The Associated Press reported. Amtrak spokesman Dan Stessel told Reuters there was

N.J. Transit Board Approved Budget, Avoids Fare Hike

NEWARK, N.J. – The N.J. Transit Board of Directors on July 15 adopted a $1.34 billion Operating Budget and a $1.19 billion Capital Program for Fiscal Year 2005 (FY05), and avoided increasing the system’s fares, officials said. “Thanks to Governor McGreevey’s commitment to transportation, transit commuters will benefit from improved service on buses and trains, additional parking at stations, and refurbished facilities,” said NJ DOT Commissioner and N.J. Transit Board Chairman Jack Lettiere. “This investment will address the Governor’s goals of improving the quality of life for commuters and reducing choking traffic congestion on our roadways.” To keep fares level,

Seattle Approves Monorail Alignment

SEATTLE – By an 8-1 vote, the Seattle City Council this month approved the route alignment for the Seattle Monorail Project’s Green Line, moving the voter-approved transit project a step closer to becoming a reality. “This is a huge accomplishment for the Council, for the Monorail Project and for the City,” said Council President Jan Drago, who co-chaired the Monorail Committee and noted that in the past year the Council has held 21 committee of the whole meetings and four public hearing dedicated to the monorail. “I don’t want to be part of another generation that fails to provide adequate

Greenleaf/Taylor Introduce Transit Funding Bills; Paul Levy to Lead saveTransit Coalition

PHILADELPHIA — Pennsylvania State Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf (R-12) has introduced legislation that would help provide dedicated and predictable funding for public transit agencies throughout Pennsylvania. State Representative John J. Taylor (R-177) intends to introduce identical legislation in the near future. “Efficient and effective public transportation is critically important to the economic prosperity of all Pennsylvanians,” said Senator Greenleaf, a member of the SEPTA Board representing Bucks and Montgomery Counties. “SEPTA and every transit agency across Pennsylvania are facing dire consequences without stable state funding. I’m confidant this legislation will provide that stability,” said Representative Taylor. The legislation being introduced

MARTA Passes ’05 Budget, No Rail Cuts

June 12, 2004 Todd DeFeo 0

ATLANTA — MARTA’s rail operations are safe – for now, at least. Last month, operating and capital budgets for FY ’05 were passed, and although no reductions to rail service were included, 300 employees were cut. Of those, 244 were bus operators and 56 were bus maintenance employees. “Although we’ve been able to maintain operating costs in the past with cost containment measures, this is just a small precursor of what’s to come,” MARTA assistant general manager of legal Mike Sloan said. “If no additional sources of revenue are identified for MARTA operations, more budget reductions may be needed in

MARTA Police Arrest Man Suspected of Assault

ATLANTA — MARTA police today arrested a 42-year-old man, charging him with assaulting a four people, including a “high-ranking military official” on a train at the Airport Station and an elderly woman, officials said. “At 11:17 a.m., a U.S. Army major boarded a southbound train at the MARTA Lakewood-Fort McPherson Station to pick up his family from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. While sitting on the train, an African American male dressed in a white robe and head dress, began staring at the major, pacing back and forth. He then headed towards the major yelling, screaming and swinging punches at him,” said

Metro Board Adopts FY05 Budget

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority directors this week adopted a balanced $2.9 billion budget for Fiscal year 2004-05. The spending plan eliminates more than 230 jobs and sharply reduces administrative overhead to balance a structural operating deficit. Metro fares, however, will remain the same. “We have to live within our means,” Metro CEO Roger Snoble said in describing the austere budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2004. “This is not a happy budget. Our efforts to improve mobility in Los Angeles County have been slowed, largely because LA County may lose up to

Long Island Rail Road Names MRO Software for Management of Track, Signals, Stations and Rolling Stock

MIAMI – Long Island Rail Road has selected MRO Software, a leading provider of strategic asset management solutions to implement a range of assets including right-of-way assets, rolling stock, non-revenue fleet and IT equipment. Long Island Rail Road will use MAXIMO Transportation and other applications to integrate maintenance activities with long-term capital asset planning and procurement. This integrated approach will help Long Island Rail Road to more effectively meet its financial targets, plan for long-range capital investments and help to improve the rail infrastructure and service. Long Island Rail Road is part of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)

MTA Rolls Out Subway Centennial Map Subway History

NEW YORK – The MTA is putting a little history back into its subway maps. With an up-to-date subway map on one side and a collection of vintage system guides on the other, subway riders can now use the new special-edition Centennial Map to find out how to get where they’re going, while at the same time, learning where the system has been. The Centennial Map is part of the MTA’s yearlong celebration of the New York City Subway Centennial (1904–2004) and commemorates the history of the New York City Subway. More than 1 million of the maps were available

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