The Statham, Ga., train depot as it appeared on a rainy Feb. 14, 2005. CSX trains still pass by the depot everyday. The depot is today used as an antique store.
An eastbound CSX train passes by the Statham, Ga., train depot on a June 9, 2005. Between 30 and 35 trains pass by the depot daily.

By Todd DeFeo

STATHAM, Ga. – Statham grew up around the railroad, and today the railroad is a visible part of the town with 30 to 35 trains passing through town daily.

In 1887, the Georgia, Carolina and Northern Railroad started building a line between Baltimore and Atlanta, with the route passing through town. The line reached the Atlanta Area in 1892, though before the railroad’s completion, it was leased to a company operating as Seaboard Air Line.