CSXT Announces Smartway Transport Partnership

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – CSX Transportation announced that it has agreed to become a Charter Partner with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Smartway Transport program.

The Smartway Transport program is a voluntary partnership between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and major corporations and is designed to develop long-term, comprehensive climate change strategies, including reducing greenhouse gasses.

Today, a signing event took place in Chicago, Illinois between EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman and the Charter Partners, including CSXT.

CSXT’s contribution to the President’s effort will be to deploy its award-winning and innovative Auxiliary Power Unit, which enables locomotives to reduce fuel consumption by up to seven percent. These fuel-efficiency improvements, in conjunction with engine modifications, can also reduce diesel engine emissions of NOx and hydrocarbons by up to 50 percent.

“As a global transportation leader, CSXT is committed to protecting the environment and backs that commitment with a detailed program that promotes best practices in environmental stewardship,” said Mike Wall, CSXT vice president-mechanical. “We at CSXT are proud to participate in the Smartway Transport partnership.”

Although rail has long been the cleanest and most fuel-efficient mode to transport freight, CSXT continues its ongoing research to develop new technologies that improve its environmental performance. The APU unit is an example of development and deployment of such a new technology and the Smartway Transport partnership provides an opportunity for CSXT to further the proud environmental tradition of rail transportatio

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