Amtrak Partners with to Offer Passengers Carbon Offsets for Rail Travel

WASHINGTON – Amtrak passengers can now travel even greener.

Through a new partnership between the railroad and, passengers can offset the carbon emissions footprint generated by their individual rail travel by making a contribution to

Selections start at only $3.00, a contribution which offsets 2,500 miles of Amtrak travel, or almost three round trips between Washington and Boston. All contributions are tax deductible and may be made online.

“By choosing to travel by rail, Amtrak passengers are already a step ahead because the carbon footprint generated by their trip is smaller than that of most other modes of transportation,” said Roy Deitchman, Vice President, Environmental Health & Safety for Amtrak.

“Because it is more energy efficient, traveling by rail contributes less per passenger mile to greenhouse gas emissions than either cars or airplanes. Rail travel also helps to reduce highway congestion in major urban centers.”

Passengers may request that their donation support a specific offset type, such as tree planting, or choose to just make a donation towards the efforts of

“Amtrak is helping to make an extremely sustainable travel option even greener for millions of people,” Executive Director Eric Carlson said. “We hope this partnership with Amtrak will lead people to take a second look at choosing rail travel. We’re pleased to have Amtrak join us.”

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