CSXI Celebrates National Driver Appreciation Week

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — As part of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, CSX Intermodal (CSXI) is paying tribute to its owner-operators with events at many of the terminals where trains exchange containers and trailers with trucks.

Truck drivers arriving at many of CSXI’s 40 terminals are greeted by banners proclaiming “thank you.” Meals are being served and gifts ranging from commemorative caps to sunglasses and tread gauges are being handed out.

“Professional truck drivers are critical to our nation’s supply chain,” said Jim Hertwig, CSX Intermodal president, who rode with drivers in New Jersey and Chicago on deliveries of freight that included medical supplies and consumer electronics. “The dedication of these men and women is important to the safe, reliable delivery of vital goods.”

Intermodal transportation is poised for significant overall growth in the next several years because of its unique ability to combine the fuel efficiency and reliability of railroads, truck-like precision, and the global reach of container ships and aircraft. CSXI’s truck drivers are actually independent owner-operators who own their tractors and commit their equipment to serving CSXI’s customers.

“Although our appreciation is felt year-round, we are pleased that we have this special opportunity to express our appreciation to our professional truck drivers for a job well done,” Hertwig said.

— PRNewswire-FirstCall

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