Service Alert: Chicago Hub Service — Heavy Rains Result in Track Closures

The remnants of Hurricane Ike have been dumping heavy rains on the states of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Missouri. The resulting temporary closure of various railroad routes is leading to the cancellation of some Amtrak service, with other Amtrak trains operating subject to significant delays.

Amtrak is working with the owners of the routes to restore normal service as soon as possible.

Passengers with travel plans in these states are urged to call Amtrak at 800-USA-RAIL to confirm the operation of their trains and the status of alternate transportation.

Lincoln Service and Texas Eagle, Chicago-Springfield-St. Louis

Trains 303, 304, 305, 21/321 & 22/322 are cancelled.

Wolverine Service, Chicago-Detroit-Pontiac

Trains 352 & 353 are cancelled.

Missouri Mule Service, Kansas City-Jefferson City-St. Louis

Trains 311, 313, 314 & 316 are cancelled.

Southwest Chief, Trains 3 & 4

The Southwest Chief, which normally operates daily from Los Angeles to Chicago, will terminate and originate in Kansas City, rather than Chicago.

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