CSXT Announces Rail Security Partnership with Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — CSX Transportation (CSXT) announced that it has entered into a rail security partnership with the State of Florida that represents a model CSXT hopes to use with other states it serves.

The partnership, called SecureNOW, formalizes and enhances CSXT’s ongoing commitment to Florida to share information, resources, and strategies to better protect communities in which the company operates.

“We’re pleased to be the first railroad and private corporation to formalize a security partnership with the Florida Fusion Center,” said Skip Elliott, CSXT Vice President of Public Safety and Environment. “This partnership allows CSXT and Florida officials to effectively and seamlessly share information and work side by side to safeguard the communities that we serve.”

SecureNOW becomes another resource in the Florida Fusion Center in Tallahassee, where state, federal and local agencies work together to evaluate and act upon potential security threats. The fusion center further enhances law enforcement and homeland security efforts.

“CSXT and the State of Florida are committed to securing our citizens, visitors and critical infrastructure,” said Tom McInerney, Director of Investigations and Forensic Services with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which oversees the Fusion Center. “This partnership is a model for a collaborative public-private security initiative that we hope to replicate with other industries to better serve our communities.”

The SecureNOW partnership provides Florida security officials with access to CSXT’s Network Operations Workstation (NOW) system. This secure online system, developed and used by CSXT, allows security and law enforcement officials to independently track the location of CSXT trains and the contents of rail cars in a nearly real-time environment.

In addition to providing access to the NOW system, CSXT works with law enforcement officials in Florida on joint rail security training and preparedness exercises, and provides around-the-clock access to CSXT rail security professionals.

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