AXION Sells ECOTRAX Rail Ties to Major Australian Rail Line

NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J. — AXION International Holdings has received a $170,000 purchase order from a major rail line in Australia for its ECOTRAX 100 percent recycled plastic rail ties.

The rail line plans to install ECOTRAX in turnout applications in New South Wales for the spot replacement of wood. ECOTRAX ties will be inserted to replace wood ties, on an as needed basis, as the wood reaches the end of its useful life due to factors including rot and insect damage. This sale follows a favorable initial trail order and in-track testing.

“We are pleased to announce yet another major victory for our ECOTRAX rail ties,” AXION President and CEO Steve Silverman said in a statement. “There are several reasons why Australia is a potentially huge market for our products.

“Most importantly, high quality wood is becoming increasingly difficult and costly to find and maintain in Australia,” Silverman added. “Secondly, traditional wood preservatives used in the U.S. are not used in Australia thus making the wood more susceptible to rot and insect attack. Our 100% recycled plastic ECOTRAX ties are resistant to these elements. ECOTRAX rail ties not only provide strength and durability, they also offer a cost-effective and time efficient solution for our customers. We have demonstrated that market adoption of ECOTRAX continues to grow domestically and internationally.”

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