Metra Turns to Wabtec for Equipment Contract

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Metra, the Chicago area commuter rail system, has tapped Wabtec Corp. to upgrade and modernize the system’s fleet.

The contract includes the latest brakes, passenger access doors, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), and event recorder solutions for 200 new rail cars.

“We are thrilled to begin work on this large-scale contract supplying the most advanced technology for doors, brakes, and HVAC to one of the world’s busiest commuter rail systems,” said Leroux, president of Wabtec Transit, said in an announcement. “This new contract builds upon our position as a leading equipment manufacturer on both sides of the Atlantic and across the world, and will ensure safe, reliable, and timely passenger service to millions of riders over 1,200 miles of track and across more than 240 stations throughout the greater Chicago land area.”

Wabtec will provide 800 double doorways and 400 single doorways, which include the new DLC Next door control unit, one of the most modern door control systems in the world.

This solution includes touchless buttons to protect passenger’s health and safety. It also enables acoustic sealing of cabin end-doors and allows for 80-percent commonality between all types of doors making maintenance easier. It is one of the most reliable and robust door systems available in the industry.

Wabtec will install 400 passenger HVAC systems, with an efficient energy management system.

It will also supply its FastBrake microprocessor controlled braking system along with the latest generation wheel slide protection to provide optimum stopping distances in adverse conditions. This system will allow interoperability with existing fleet cars.

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