The Georgia Northeastern Railroad is a short line freight railroad running from Marietta, Ga., to Blue Ridge, Ga.

The railroad operates over the former Louisville & Nashville Hook & Eye line.

The railroad hauls mostly timber, grain, poultry and marble products. In addition to its freight operations, the railroad also runs the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.

CSX used the Hook & Eye line until 1987 when it sold it to the Georgia Northeastern Railroad.

Facts & Figures about the Georgia Northeastern Railroad
Here are some facts and figures about Georgia Northeastern Railroad:

  • Route Miles: N/A
  • Number of Employees: 26
  • Locomotives: N/A
  • Freight Cars on System: N/A

Georgia Northeastern Railroad Reporting Marks
Railroads have many reporting marks, identification assigned by the American Association of Railroads. Here are the marks for the Georgia Northeastern Railroad:

  • GNRR

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