Turning Back the Clock in Detroit

DETROIT — Starting Aug. 5, Tigers fans will have the opportunity to turn back the clock and travel to the game the nostalgic way.

Olympia Development, the Detroit Tigers, Amtrak and the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) are teaming up to bring fans to Detroit aboard an existing metropolitan railway beginning in August. The Foxtown Tigers Train will board passengers at three suburban locations, beginning in Oakland County, and travel along existing rail lines that link these cities to Detroit. Passengers will then transfer to a special DDOT Tigers Trolley and conclude their trip at Comerica Park to see the Detroit Tigers take on various Major League Baseball contenders in Saturday night primetime match ups.

"The Foxtown Tigers Train is a safe, fun and nostalgic way for families to visit downtown Detroit while taking in a game with the hottest team in Major League Baseball," said Atanas Ilitch, president, Olympia Development. "Through these events, we hope to bring community awareness of these existing rail lines, which run daily, and demonstrate that metro-Detroiters really do have transportation options into the city."

The inaugural Foxtown Tigers Train will commence on Aug. 5, when the Tigers take on the Cleveland Indians at Comerica Park. Additional Foxtown Tigers Train departures will take place for Tigers home games on August 19, September 16 and Sept. 30.

Reminiscent of the early 1900s, when riding Detroit streetcars to sporting events was customary, the Foxtown Tigers Train experience will include period music throughout the trip, as well as air-conditioned transportation, game tickets, appearances by former Tigers players, and special giveaways. At Comerica Park, Foxtown Tigers Train passengers will be treated to a food voucher for refreshments, an exciting Tigers game, and the park’s spectacular weekend fireworks show.

The Foxtown Tigers Train will board its first crowd of passengers at the Pontiac Amtrak station, 1600 Wide Track Circle, at 4:30 p.m., with subsequent pick-ups at the centrally located Royal Oak (201 South Sherman Ave.) and Birmingham (449 South Eton) Amtrak depots. Passengers will travel to Detroit’s Wayne State/New Center station, where they will transfer to Tigers Trolleys supplied by DDOT, and finish their southbound ride along Woodward Avenue to Comerica Park.

"We’re excited by this opportunity to partner with Olympia Development, the Tigers and Amtrak to provide a new, convenient way for fans to get to Comerica Park to watch the best team in baseball," said DDOT Director Norman White. "As we continue to upgrade and expand DDOT’s service, we welcome these opportunities to form unique partnerships that reflect well on Detroit and on DDOT."

— PRNewswire