STB: Mediated Settlement in Small Rail Rate-Complaint Case

WASHINGTON — Surface Transportation Board Chairman Charles D. Nottingham announced today that a mediated settlement has been reached in a case filed under the Board’s small rate-complaint procedures.  As a result, the shipper has requested that its complaint be dismissed.

“This settlement demonstrates that the STB can help resolve rail rate disputes in a matter of weeks — not months and years — and at a Reasonable cost to the parties,” Nottingham said. “I commend the parties and the STB staff mediators for their efforts to quickly resolve this matter. The STB will continue to promote mediation as an alternative to more formal and expensive  dispute resolution.”

The letter requesting dismissal of the case is available for viewing And downloading on the Board’s website at  It was  filed in the complaint case entitled Williams Olefins, LLC v. Grand Trunk Corp., STB Docket No. 42098.