Chicago Derailment Under Investigation

CHICAGO — The National Transportation Safety Board has dispatched a Go Team to investigate yesterday’s collision between an Amtrak passenger train and a Norfolk Southern freight train on NS tracks south of Chicago.

NTSB Rail Investigator Ted Turpin will serve as Investigator-in-Charge and lead the 7-member team. Vice Chairman Robert Sumwalt will accompany the team and serve as spokesman for the on-scene investigation.

At the time of the crash, there were 187 passengers and six employees on board the Amtrak train. Most passengers and crew members were unhurt and were later transported to Amtrak Chicago Union Station and on to their destinations.

Amtrak will work through the weekend, if needed, to care for affected passengers and employees, the railroad said in a statement. Two Amtrak employees were among the most seriously injured.

Amtrak service has resumed over this route between Chicago and points east, including Michigan, subject to some delays in the affected area.

The only significant service disruption today is the operation of Train 371, which will be represented by chartered motorcoaches for the full route south and west from Grand Rapids to Chicago.

— News Wire