Class I Railroad Awards Duos Technologies Contract to Secure Critical Rail Yard

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A leading rail carrier has awarded a contract in excess of $500,000 to Duos Technologies, Inc. to secure a key rail yard in the western United States, safeguarding property and assets at the facility.

Duos-developed intelligent video security and sensor technology will be used to establish a virtual perimeter, providing continuous, active monitoring of the yard and rail cars. The system is designed to function as an intrusion detector to identify a perimeter breach, assess threat risk, and promptly alert security personnel.

Authorized rail security personnel can view both real-time, streaming video and video archives, both locally and over a network. This enables event information to be dispersed with a minimal false alarm rate in an expandable, cost effective, and reliable manner.

The rail and transportation industry as a whole continues to recognize Duos ability to design and deploy security solutions for the unique needs and specific threats they encounter, stated Gianni Arcaini, CEO of Duos Technologies. The transportation of our countrys goods and services is directly related to the health of the nations economy and its citizens. The nature of how commerce is conducted is a dynamic and evolving system that faces dynamic and evolving threats. The solutions put in place to protect this type of infrastructure must be able to adapt and expand, which is a key component of both Duos technology and our business philosophy.

— Business Wire