Union Pacific Surpasses Own Records for Moving Loaded Coal Trains Out of Wyoming

OMAHA, Neb. — Union Pacific said it has surpassed its own monthly record for delivering coal out of Wyoming’s Southern Powder River Basin (SPRB) not only once, but twice.

In August, the railroad moved 1,190 loaded coal trains out of the SPRB, making it the best month on record and surpassing the previous record of 1,174 loaded trains set in July 2008.

“Our investments in the Joint Line and throughout our coal network are paying dividends in terms of our coal train velocity and throughput,” said Doug Glass, vice president and general manager – energy.

UP also announced the following SPRB coal loading records:

— A record 18.7 million tons of SPRB coal were transported in August, surpassing the previous record of 18.2 million tons moved in July 2008.

— A single-day record of 50 trains were loaded on August 10 to eclipse the previous record of 46 trains set on November 29, 2007.

The Union Pacific/BNSF Joint Line records included:

— 2,197 trains loaded in August versus the previous record of 2,136 trains loaded in July 2008.

— 81 coal trains over the Joint Line on August 16 surpassed the old record of 80 trains set on November 4, 2007.

— An average of 70.87 loaded trains a day on the Joint Line in August compared to 70.53 trains in November 2007.

Union Pacific has loaded 476 (5.8 percent) more SPRB trains through August compared to the same time last year. Through August, the Joint Line has seen an increase of 698 loaded trains or 4.5 percent over 2007.

— Special to Railfanning.org News Wire