Railcar in Georgia City May Soon be Moved

MARIETTA, Ga. — A Pullman railcar that has been parked just of the city’s square for decades has been sold and could soon be moved.

The city of Marietta in recent months has claimed that the railcar is a blight and cited the owner with a code violation. The railcar, which has been in the city since the 1970s, recently turned up on an online auction site and sold for $425 with a stipulation that it be moved within two weeks, the Marietta (Ga.) Daily-Journal newspaper reported.

The owners allege the city wants them to move the aging piece of rolling stock so it can build a trail through the area.

“The city is saying the railcar is rusted, has holes in it and is about to collapse,” the newspaper quoted owner Randal White as saying during a recent meeting. “Instead of paying us to move the railcar, they come up with all these bogus charges so they don’t have to pay.”

The owners still face a Nov. 19 court date for a code violation.

— Todd DeFeo, Railfanning.org News Wire