Union Pacific Once Again Surpasses Records for Moving Loaded Coal Trains Out of Wyoming

OMAHA, Neb. — Union Pacific has once again surpassed several all-time records for delivering coal out of Wyoming’s Southern Powder River Basin (SPRB).

During 2008, Union Pacific set an all-time record by loading 13,212 trains out of the SPRB, 332 more trains than 2006, the previous yearly record.  Union Pacific also loaded 204.6 million tons of coal out of the SPRB during 2008, eclipsing another all-time mark set in 2007 by 5 percent.

“Our investments in the Joint Line and throughout our coal network continue to pay dividends in terms of our coal train velocity and throughput” said Doug Glass, Union Pacific vice president and general manager – energy.

During December, Union Pacific moved 1,118 trains out of the SPRB for an average of 36.06 trains per day. Union Pacific’s average train-per-day record was set during November 2007 at 38.63 trains per day.

The Union Pacific/BNSF Joint Line numbers during December included a loading average of 68.35 trains a day, and 24,829 loaded trains for the full year for a 4.4 percent increase over 2007.