Canadian Pacific Announces Second-Quarter 2009 Results

CALGARY — Canadian Pacific Railway announced second-quarter net income of $157 million, an increase of two per cent from $155 million in 2008.

The impact on net income from a decline in freight volumes was offset by a net gain after tax on the sale of a portion of CP’s interest in the Detroit River Tunnel Partnership of $69 million. Diluted earnings per share were $0.93, a decrease of seven per cent from $1.00 in second-quarter 2008.
“The recession continues to have a significant impact on our business and although freight volumes appear to have stabilized, we have not yet seen a sustained recovery in traffic,” said Fred Green, President and CEO. “In this economic climate we continue to manage what is in our control and I am pleased with our cost management efforts.”
“Our goal is to make sustainable reductions in our overall cost structure and strengthen our balance sheet. Our concentrated efforts to improve critical business processes will drive efficiency and ensure that CP is well-positioned to deliver value in the long term.”
For the second-quarter and the first-half of 2009, the results of the Dakota, Minnesota Eastern Railroad (DM&E) are fully consolidated with CP’s results.

For comparison, second-quarter and first-half 2008 results have also been presented on a pro forma basis. In the second quarter and first-half of 2008, DM&E earnings were reported as equity income, and pro forma comparisons are provided in order to aid in the evaluation of the underlying earnings trends. Financial data presented on a pro forma basis, a non-GAAP measure, redistributes DM&E’s operating results from an equity income basis of accounting to a line-by-line consolidation of DM E revenues and expenses.