GE Transportation: Evolution Series Locomotive Ready for Russia, 1520-Area Market

MOSCOW — GE Transportation said its Evolution Series locomotive is on display at Russia’s Expo 1520 and ready for the Russian and 1520-area markets, the company announced.

The Evolution Series locomotive represents a $400 million investment by GE over eight years. The innovative locomotive is equipped with a 12-cylinder diesel engine that produces the same 4,400 horsepower as its 16-cylinder predecessor.

The Evolution engine uses up to 5 percent less fuel, or approximately 1.1 million fewer liters of fuel over the life of the locomotive, while reducing emissions by approximately 40 percent.

“GE Transportation is committed to Russia and helping its rail infrastructure remain modern and efficient,” said Lorenzo Simonelli, President and CEO of GE Transportation. “The proof is right here at Expo 1520: the Evolution Series ES44ACi version locomotive on display was specifically designed for Russia and the 1520-area markets. I hope the presence of the ES44ACi at Expo 1520 becomes a milestone in long and fruitful relationships with customers in the region.”

The Evolution Series locomotive is particularly adapted to Russian and 1520-area operators. Although the Evolution Series locomotive platform uses proven technology that is operational throughout different areas of the world, the Evolution Series ES44ACi version locomotive was specifically designed from the beginning for operation in this region, GE officials said.

Russian GOST Standards and Safety Norms were used to develop the design for this unique locomotive. In addition, GE’s experience with winter operation in Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia enabled GE to design a special optional extreme cold package for the ES44ACi to permit operation in the far north. The locomotive is also designed to use standard GOST fuel and lubricants available in Russia.

From an operational standpoint, the locomotive’s performance enables one section of ES44ACi to replace more than two sections of 2TE10 locomotives, the most numerous mainline diesel electric freight locomotive in the region. The locomotive is designed to allow multiple unit operation and can be adapted for higher axles loads if conditions permit which allows operators to haul heavier loads over a longer distance, GE officials said.

The periodic maintenance requirements have been significantly reduced from those of existing locomotives in the region and the maintenance, including overhauls, can all be done within existing locomotive depot infrastructure. Finally, GE is supporting customers with strong service and parts availability in the region.

“The entire region is seeing unprecedented growth in economic activity and need for transportation,” said Executive Product Director Kamal Shivpuri. “Thus there is an acute demand for more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly locomotives in the region. Based upon preliminary data, the market size appears to be approximately $10 billion over the next 10 years.”

— Business Wire