Norfolk Southern Goes Social: The Thoroughbred is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr

NORFOLK, Va. — Norfolk Southern Corp. has expanded its communications with online audiences, distributing information, video, and photos on popular social media Web sites.

News media, customers, shareholders, bloggers, and other opinion leaders now can keep up to date on Norfolk Southern news and information through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

“A 180-year-old company that traces its roots to the earliest days of railroading in America now connects with digital-age audiences who get their news through online networking,” said Frank Brown, AVP corporate communications. “Our expanded presence on the Internet serves the growing number of people who receive information about Norfolk Southern through new media channels and allows us to deliver it in the formats they prefer.”

Norfolk Southern has nearly 7,000 fans on Facebook. The company went live on Twitter in February, and some 300 people now follow NS’ 140-character “tweets” through their cell phones, PDAs, and online. NS has posted 13 videos on YouTube about the company’s operations and business, including the 2,500-mile Crescent Corridor public-private partnership to improve freight rail transportation in the East. On Flickr, 49 photos depict the company’s transportation operations and facilities, and a gallery documents last winter’s record snowfall through photos taken by employees. Additionally, some 19,000 people visit Norfolk Southern’s Web site daily.