Port of Quebec, Terminals and CN Work to Reduce Quebec City-Toronto Transit Times by 30 Percent

MONTREAL — The Port of Quebec, a terminal operator at the port, and CN said a service arrangement that will reduce transit times for shipments destined to Toronto to 38 hours from 53 hours, an improvement of almost 30 per cent.

The improvement resulted from the port and terminal operator agreeing to more consistent release times for shipments and CN adjusting schedules to expedite the movement of traffic over its network between Quebec City and Toronto.

CN will explore opportunities to expedite the shipment by rail of other commodities moving over the Port of Quebec, including metals and minerals concentrates.

Air Canada jet fuel arrives by vessel at IMTT’s Port of Quebec terminal and moves via CN’s freight network to a fuel terminal near Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International Airport.

The Quebec Port Authority is an independent federal legacy created under the Canada Marine Act, whose mission is to promote and develop maritime trade, serve the economic interests of the Quebec area and Canada, and to make a profit while respecting both its community and the environment.