BNSF Announces $3.5 Billion Capital Commitment Program

FORT WORTH, Texas — BNSF Railway Co. announced a planned 2011 capital commitment program of $3.5 billion. The largest component of the capital plan is spending $2 billion on BNSF’s core network and related assets.

BNSF also said it plans to spend about $450 million to acquire 227 locomotives and approximately $350 million on freight car and other equipment acquisitions. The program also includes about $300 million for federally mandated positive train control (PTC) and $300 million for terminal, line and intermodal expansion and efficiency projects.

BNSF’s expansion and efficiency projects will be primarily focused on the mid-continent and coal routes to improve velocity and throughput capacity.

“BNSF expects to invest approximately $3.5 billion in 2011 to ensure our infrastructure remains strong and to improve the efficiency of our operations,” said Matthew K. Rose, BNSF chairman and chief executive officer. “As we demonstrated with our capital commitments during one of the deepest recessions in U.S. history, we remain committed to making the necessary investments to maintain and grow the value of our franchise’s capacity and to provide the nation’s supply chain with more efficient freight transportation.”