Union Pacific Railroad Invests $6.9 Million for Track Improvements to Its Line from Yuma to Wellton

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Union Pacific Railroad will continue improving Arizona’s transportation infrastructure with a $6.9 million investment to enhance the rail line that runs from Yuma to Wellton.

The 30-mile project includes removing and installing new rail and more than 47,000 railroad ties along this premium railroad corridor through southern Arizona. Crews will spread 18,000 tons of rock ballast to ensure a stable roadbed.

Union Pacific plans to spend approximately $3.2 billion in 2011 to support America’s current and future freight transportation needs and enhance the safety and efficiency of the railroad’s 32,000-mile network.

Improved and additional rail capacity benefits everyone. It allows freight rail service to grow, helping to build a cleaner environment. Union Pacific can move one ton of freight nearly 500 miles on a single gallon of diesel fuel and according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, freight trains are nearly four times more fuel efficient than trucks. Motorists also benefit from reduced congestion on highways as a single Union Pacific train can remove up to 300 trucks off our roads.