Amtrak Planning to Acquire New Next-Generation High-Speed Train Sets

December 17, 2012 News Wire 0

WASHINGTON – Amtrak is advancing plans to acquire new next-generation high-speed train sets and ending its plans to purchase 40 additional high-speed passenger cars to add to the existing Acela Express fleet. In early 2013, Amtrak will issue a Request for Information (RFI) to formally start the process that will replace the existing 20 Acela Express train sets and add additional train sets to expand seating capacity and provide for more frequent high-speed service on the Northeast Corridor (NEC), the railroad said. “Moving directly to new high-speed train sets is the best option to create more seating capacity, permit higher

Norfolk Southern Completes Major Upgrade of Export Coal Facility

December 9, 2012 News Wire 0

NORFOLK, Va, — Norfolk Southern has completed a major upgrade to its Lamberts Point export coal transload facility in Norfolk, positioning it to remain the largest and fastest coal transload facility in the Northern Hemisphere. More commonly known simply as Pier 6, the facility transfers coal hauled by train from Appalachian coal fields to ships bound for world markets. “This investment reflects our belief in the long-term prospects for the global coal market and Norfolk Southern’s continuing pivotal role in that market,” said Danny Smith, NS senior vice president-energy and property. “This helps assure that we will remain the premier

Belfast Commerce Centre First in Georgia to Receive CSX Select Site Designation

December 9, 2012 News Wire 0

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — CSX Corporation announced that the Belfast Commerce Centre in Bryan County, Ga. is the first recipient in the State of Georgia to receive CSX Select Site designation. CSX’s Select Sites program reviews manufacturing and distribution development sites along the CSX network that can rapidly utilize freight rail service. This designation confirms that standard land use issues have been addressed and that the site is ready for development. “The Select Site certification provides certainty for companies seeking industrial property for manufacturing operations and allows for increased speed to market and reduced development risk,” said Clark Robertson, assistant vice

Mica: Focus High Speed Rail Construction on NEC

December 9, 2012 News Wire 0

If the country is going to build high-speed rail, its focus should be squarely on the densely populated Northeast Corridor (NEC), especially considering the highway and air congestion in the region, and the existing connections to other transportation modes, U.S. Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., contends. The NEC is the only segment of rail primarily owned by Amtrak rather than the freight railroads. He stated that while the Administration has invested some in the NEC, it’s been in a piecemeal, half-baked fashion. Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Members, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), and the Department of Transportation Inspector General highlighted

Railfanning in 1:87 Scale: Act I, Scene I

December 8, 2012 News Wire 0

A few months ago, I started building a model train table. While G would have been the optimal scale, I went with HO because of size considerations. The layout focuses on Amtrak of the mid-to-late 1980s, which makes the F7A model (No. 157) seem a bit out of place. When the table is complete, it will feature an outer circle and a small three-track station with a pair of high-level platforms. In addition, a spur will feature street running for a small short-line railroad (and streetcars). Please check back soon for a full back story about the railroad and town

Amtrak: Invest and Build More Rail Capacity and Resilience in New York Region

December 6, 2012 News Wire 0

WASHINGTON – The New York region needs to strengthen rail capacity and resiliency in order to create “a better ability to resist damage, recover from an event and return the rail system to service” following major disasters, Amtrak President and CEO Joe Boardman told a U.S. Senate committee today. To address these critical needs, and to compensate Amtrak for increased costs and revenue lost during Hurricane Sandy, Amtrak is requesting $336 million in emergency federal funding. Of this amount, $276 million would be for measures that provide enhanced protection and improved recovery capability of Penn Station New York and its

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