Several Injured in Amtrak Derailment in Vermont

Several people were injured today when an Amtrak train derailed near Northfield, Vt., according to media reports.

Train 55, the Vermonter, was traveling from St. Albans, Vt., to Washington, D.C., when it derailed, Amtrak said. A rock slide may be to blame for the wreck.

“Preliminary reports indicate some passengers have sustained injuries and have been transported to local medical facilities,” Amtrak said in a statement. “There are no immediate reports of any life-threatening injuries to the 98 passengers and four crew members.”

Media reports indicated between four and seven people were injured. Reports indicated two of the train’s cars went over an embankment.

As a result of this derailment, Amtrak is modifying service. Train 55 for today will originate in Springfrield, Mass., for service to Washington, and Train 56 will terminate service in Springfield, Mass.

New England Central Railroad owns the stretch of track where the train derailed.

It’s been nearly five months since eight people were killed and more than 200 injured when Amtrak train No. 188, a Washington-to-New York Northeast Regional train, derailed in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia. An investigation revealed the train was traveling at 102 mph when it derailed in a curve where the speed limit is 50 mph.