Intermodal Freight: The Railroad’s livelihood

February 15, 2003 News Wire 0

For a sixth time in seven years, intermodal freight set an annual record during 2002, according to the Association of American Railroads (AAR). “2002 was a very challenging year for industries across the economic spectrum, including freight railroads,” said AAR vice president Craig F. Rockey. “Obviously, we’re pleased to have set another intermodal record — an indication that the intermodal partnerships between railroads, motor carriers, and steamship lines are working extremely well.” Intermodal — the movement of trailers or containers on rail cars — accounts for approximately 20 percent of U.S. Class I rail revenue. Over the past 10 years,

Amtrak Funding: What’s the Answer?

February 1, 2003 News Wire 0

Can Amtrak operate without government funding? “Earlier today I met with Senator Patty Murray of the Appropriations Committee concerning Amtrak funding for FY ’03,” Amtrak President David L. Gunn said on Jan. 15, 2003. “I updated Senator Murray on the progress being made to stabilize Amtrak’s operations and finances and to bring tight new fiscal controls to bear on the company. I also repeated my concern that federal funding substantially less than $1.2 billion in FY ‘03 will take us right back to the near-shutdown we experienced last summer.” Murray, D-Washington, along with several Senate Republicans, on Jan. 16 ensured

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