Railroads Rack Up $380M in Federal Grants

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has awarded $380.1 million for transit security as part of its Infrastructure Protection Activities (IPA) grant program. The grants will be used to prevent, protect against, respond to and recover from terrorist attacks, major disasters and other emergencies. “With this year’s funding, the department will have provided roughly $3 billion in grants for securing the nation’s critical infrastructure and transportation systems,” Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said. “As capabilities mature, we’re encouraging state and local governments and the private sector to prioritize IED prevention and protection, communications capabilities, information sharing, and regionally

Amtrak Launches New Security Procedures

February 19, 2008 Railfanning.org News Wire 0

WASHINGTON — Amtrak today announced the deployment of its new specialized Amtrak Mobile Security Team to patrol stations and trains and randomly inspect passenger baggage. The Mobile Security Team supplements ongoing patrols already in place by Amtrak to enhance the safety and security of passenger rail travel. The deployment of the Mobile Security Team and the launch of random baggage inspection are further steps in Amtrak’s ongoing efforts to strengthen rail security as a means to minimize the risk of terrorist threats. The Mobile Security Teams will ultimately be deployed nationwide. “Keeping our customers and employees safe remains our priority,”

BNSF Enhances Citizens for Rail Security Program With Videos and Expanded Website

October 2, 2007 Railfanning.org News Wire 0

FORT WORTH, Texas — Railroads transport much of the food, building materials, coal for electricity and consumer products that are utilized each day, and breaches in railroad security can threaten the national, state and local economies. As part of heightened security awareness, Americans are being asked to be the eyes and ears for law enforcement officers. To help improve security, BNSF Railway Company has expanded its Citizens for Rail Security program by launching two videos aimed at community groups and law enforcement agencies. The videos illustrate how effective these groups can be in the fight against terrorism and vandalism to

CSX Transportation Announces Rail Security Partnership with New York and New Jersey

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — CSX Transportation has entered into a rail security partnership with the states of New York and New Jersey. The agreement represents a model CSXT hopes to use with other states on its system, officials say. The agreement was ratified on July 17. The partnership, unique in the rail industry, formalizes and enhances CSXT’s ongoing commitment to both states to share information, resources, and strategies in order to better protect the communities in which CSXT operates. “We’re pleased to be the first railroad and among the first private industries to formalize security partnerships with the states in order

Additional Security Funds Possible

WASHINGTON — Additional security grant funds for transit systems are likely as a result in increases in FY08 Department of Homeland Security appropriation bills that are pending in Congress. The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee voted June 14 to approve the FY08 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appropriations bill, which includes $400 million for rail/transit security grants — more than the double the amount contained in last year’s bill. Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee approved its version of the bill, which also contained $400 million for its rail/transit security grant program. “The availability of additional funds will

St. Lawrence & Atlantic Becomes First New England Short-Line Rail Carrier Certified by Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

April 13, 2007 Railfanning.org News Wire 0

GREENWICH, Conn. — Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (GWI) announced today that its St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad (SLR) and its Canadian sister Chemin de fer St. Laurent & Atlantique (SLQ) have been certified by U.S. Customs and Border Protection as partners in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program. The role of a C-TPAT partner is to continue to ensure that appropriate security measures, based upon risk analysis and consistent with C-TPAT security criteria, are maintained in a documented and verifiable format throughout international supply chains. “We see certification as a necessity in being a cross-border carrier, and the C-TPAT

Teamsters: Proposed Rail Security Rules Ignore Employees’ Safety Role

December 27, 2006 Railfanning.org News Wire 0

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff: Dec. 12, 2006, Press Conference WASHINGTON – Proposed rules by the Transportation Security Administration ignore necessary employee training and protections against employer retaliation, Teamsters say. However, the Teamsters Union is still reviewing the rules, but so far has determined that the proposals are inadequate, according to the union. “The White House has failed again to recognize that the true eyes and ears of the rail system are its employees,” said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President. “Our members are working on the rails night and day. They know about the security lapses on the rails, yet

DHS Targets High Risk Hazardous Materials in Transit

December 16, 2006 Railfanning.org News Wire 0

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff: Dec. 12, 2006, Press Conference WASHINGTON – The Department of Homeland Security is proposing new rules it says will vastly strengthen the security of the nation’s rail systems in the highest threat urban areas. The proposed rule is part of a package of new security measures that will require freight rail carriers to ensure 100 percent positive hand-off of Toxic Inhalation Hazard (TIH) materials, establish security protocols for custody transfers of TIH rail cars in the high threat urban areas, and appoint a rail security coordinator to share information with the federal government, as well

Romney Implements Bag Inspections On The MBTA

October 14, 2006 Railfanning.org News Wire 0

BOSTON – Gov. Mitt Romney earlier this month directed the MBTA to re-institute regular random bag inspections on the public transit system in order to shake up normal routines and make it more difficult to plan and carry out a potential terrorist act. The MBTA conducted random bag searches for a limited time before and during the Democratic National Convention in 2004. “Terrorism is not a traditional criminal activity,” Romney said. “We are fighting a war against people who have as their objective the overthrow of the United States government. Given that kind of threat, we have to adjust our

Foiled Terror Plot Leads to Increased Rail Security

August 10, 2006 Railfanning.org News Wire 0

WASHINGTON – Today’s news of a disrupted terror plot quickly translated to increased security measures at rail systems nationwide. “There is no threat to mass transit, but it’s prudent to step up security given that mass transit has been a terrorist target in the past,” Washington Metro Transit Police Chief Polly Hanson said in a news release. “We also want to remind passengers that they are our eyes and ears to report any unattended packages, unusual behaviors and anything that seems suspicious.”  Metro’s transit police are doing random sweeps of stations, trains and buses. The transit agency also has closed all public

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