JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Jacksonville’s monorail system, all 2.5 miles of it, is often mocked as going “From Nowhere to Nowhere.”

The monorail system dates to the 1970s, but it wasn’t until 1989 that the first segment of the system opened. Then, the systems used “automated rubber tired people-movers,” rather than the monorail system of today, according to nycsubway.org.

Over the next decade, the skyway was expanded to the current 2.5-mile, eight-station system. The system was also changed from the rubber-tired vehicles originally installed to the monorail system employed today, which happens to be the same design as the skyway at Newark International Airport.

The trains, which are automated, usually have between two and six cars. There are three different lines.

Though some local leaders want to expand the system, the skyway is often criticized as useless. The system only averages several thousand riders every week.

It costs 35 cents to ride the skyway.