BNSF Expands Its Guaranteed On-Time Carload Service

FORT WORTH, Texas – The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF) today announced it has expanded its guaranteed on-time carload rail service to seven lanes, including three additional lanes from the Pacific Northwest to Arizona and northern/southern California, and two from northern/southern California to the Midwest.

BNSF now offers guaranteed on-time carload rail service in the following lanes:

  • Pacific Northwest to Arizona (NEW)
  • Pacific Northwest to the Midwest (October 2002)
  • Pacific Northwest to northern California (NEW)
  • Pacific Northwest to southern California (NEW)
  • Pacific Northwest to Texas (October 2002)
  • Northern California to the Midwest (NEW)
  • Southern California to the Midwest (NEW)

The guarantee allows shippers to purchase, for a premium, a guarantee for on-time carload rail service in any of these lanes. With the guarantee, BNSF will offer a 100-percent refund for each load that arrives after the agreed-upon transit time at the customer’s location. BNSF measures on-time performance from the time a customer releases the car to the time it is spotted at the customer’s dock.

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