Amtrak Continues Work on Quantico Bridge

WASHINGTON — Beginning March 24, Amtrak will operate on a single track over Quantico Creek in Quantico, Va.

The track work is a continuation of work that started February 16-23 to build a second bridge span over the Quantico Creek to allow for multiple track operation from Richmond to Washington, DC. Service on the Carolinian, which operates between New York and Charlotte, NC, will be affected from March 24 through April 1 to accommodate the track work.

Saturday March 24 through Sunday April 1

Carolinian trains (79 and 80) will operate between Rocky Mount and Charlotte only, with no alternate transportation between Rocky Mount and New York. Passengers may use train 89 and 90 between New York and Rocky Mount, but separate reservations will be required for each service, and there will be no guaranteed connections at Rocky Mount. Train 79 and 80 will operate normally between New York and Charlotte beginning Monday, April 2.

The track outage will allow for the completion of a new interlocking plant at North Possum Point, Va., and will take place in two parts:

  • From Saturday, March 24 until early Saturday, March 31, a single track operation with operable signals will be in effect on Track 3, while Tracks 1 and 2 are out of service.
  • From Saturday, March 31, until Monday, April 2, a signal suspension will be in place on Tracks 2 and 3 between Featherstone and Arkendale, while signal circuitry is tested on the new track structure.

All trains operating through the work site will be delayed approximately 30 minutes due to congestion. Amtrak Auto Trains (52 and 53), Silver Star trains (91 and 92), and Silver Meteor trains (97 and 98) will operate normally through this project but will incur approximately 30 minute delays.

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